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vmware vspp

 This program helps service and hosting providers benefit from VMware virtualization solutions.
Microsoft SPLA                 Symantec ExSP                    MatchPoint SPLA
Other Suppliers                 Citrix CSP  
SoftwareONE AG is an adviser between you and VMware and a VSPP aggregator. As such we are entitled to enter into contracts with VSPP service providers. Within a partnership we will advise you in licensing your infrastructure, help you optimize your monthly reports, and make your daily tasks easier.
VMware vSphere, the first cloud operating system, utilizes the advantages of virtualization to transform data centers into a much simpler cloud infrastructure. It enables IT organizations to provide flexible and reliable next-generation IT services safely and with a minimum of risks while employing internal and external resources.
Thanks to its leading position in virtualization and its visionary cloud computing aims, VMware is in a unique position to support service providers in the development of their cloud computing business models. With the VMware Service Provider Program, VMware has created a network to enable service and hosting providers to take advantage of VMware virtualization solutions.



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