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​citrix licensing

The Citrix Commercial License Programs are comprised of the Easy License Program and the Enterprise License Program. These two programs are appropriate for commercial organizations with as few as 5 users and provide a total of 8 levels with varying requirements and rewards.


Citrix Commercial License Programs

Download the Citrix License Program FAQ

Enterprise License Program

The Citrix Enterprise License Program offers 7 different levels to serve the needs of a wider range of commercial customers. ELA Levels 2 through 7 are based on the size of the initial purchase and are best suited to medium to large corporate customers looking to expand their Citrix environment. Level 1 is reserved for ELA customers who do not place a renewal order when their existing suggested discount term expires and provide a means of allowing them to remain a part of the Citrix Enterprise License Program.



Easy License program

The Citrix Easy License Program is an ideal entry point into Citrix licensing. Easy offers the same suggested pricing and simple click-to-accept End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) as purchasing packaged product, with the added benefit of electronic licensing. There is no contract paperwork to sign; license fulfillment is quick and easy, enabling more rapid deployment of Citrix product purchases.



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