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Download detailed licensing information in the Select Plus Program Guide

Beginning July 1, 2011, Microsoft no longer sells new Select License Agreements.  Select Plus is the only Select Agreement option available.

  • Select customers can choose to migrate to Select Plus during this time and maintain their current Select price level.
  • Existing Select License customers can continue to renew their Select License Agreement after this date - per the underlying terms of your Select Agreement.
  • Both Microsoft and SoftwareONE will continue to support active Select License customers after July 1, 2011.


For additional information about the Select License End of Sale and for a detailed comparison of the Select and Select Plus Programs, review the Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Select Plus?

Select Plus is a cost-effective way to make transactional purchases and offers many additional benefits, including the ability to do the following:
  • Manage assets more easily with visibility across the entire organization and centralized reporting because all affiliate purchases are tied to their own unique customer IDs.
  • Get more value out of licensing with automatic price savings for purchases across the entire organization and the full value of Microsoft Software Assurance coverage, no matter when you purchase it.
  • Streamline the contract process with a single organization-wide agreement that never expires, Software Assurance alignment, and licensing consolidation.


Recommended for organizations with 250 or more desktop PCs.
In addition to commercial business, Microsoft offers Select programs for the following industries:
  • Government organizations
  • Health organizations
  • Educational institutions
​Feature Select Plus​
Licensing Offerings Available License, License & Software Assurance (L&SA), Software Assurance​​ (SA)
Pricing​ ​Based on Product Pools,
Level determined by size of initial order or qualifying EA, EAS, or CASA's pricing level,
Automatic tiered pricing when the next price level is achieved

Pricing Levels (Commercial)

Annual Point Minimum Per Pool​
500 points
4000 points
10000 points
25000 points
Agreement Term ​No Expiration
Payment Options
Annually on Lead Affiliate Anniversary Date (SA required)
Annually on Registered Affiliate Anniversary Date (SA required)
Annually on Order Anniversary Date (SA required)
Online Services ​One-year subscription or align to affiliate anniversary

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