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​MindManager Mapshare

Improve communication and collaboration across your organization using interactive, information-rich MindManager maps with MindManager MapShare. MindManager MapShare is a MindManager Enterprise Service that supports collaboration among MindManager users and enables sharing of maps across organizations that use Microsoft SharePoint. MindManager users can also edit maps directly from SharePoint libraries.



​Supports Active Collaboration


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MindManager MapShare supports active collaboration by enabling easy distribution of detailed project plans, presentations, and meeting notes. And, because MapShare provides dynamic map viewing in a browser, all SharePoint users can access and interact with critical company assets, such as interactive organization charts.
MindManager MapShare lets all users in a SharePoint environment:
  • Open and review interactive MindManager maps from their browsers without the need for client-side software
  • Access dynamic content within a single view, including embedded notes and linked web content
  • Use standard SharePoint workflows to review, approve and comment on MindManager maps
  • View dynamic MindManager maps embedded within SharePoint sites
  • Enables MindManager users to check in, check out, and edit maps from SharePoint libraries