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Mindjet License Programs

Mindjet has a variety of programs available to help with the implementation and rollout of Mindjet® products and services.

​Profit from the Mindjet License Programs


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The Mindjet License Program offers a perfect fit for single users, small to medium-sized businesses and global corporations. Today, more than 1500 European firms count Mindjet as their partner in providing company-wide solutions. Benefits of the Mindjet License Program include:
• Ease of decision making regarding software and license management
• Secure long-term cost savings through effective license procurement
• Optimal installation and administration models
• Scalability to meet your requirements
• Suitable pricing for larger quantities
• Facilitates Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance
• Maximum flexibility
• Optimised procurement process

Mindjet 5Plus License Program – Corporate solutions one step ahead

The Mindjet 5Plus License Program offers companies ordering at least 5 licenses software rollout benefits such as the MindManager Admin Setup package and a single license key. Additional savings are realised with initial orders of at least 10 licenses. Participation in the 5Plus License Program is possible with an initial order of at least 5 licenses and requires the purchase of Mindjet Software Assurance & Support.
Your initial Mindjet perpetual software license order determines the 5Plus License Program purchase level for one year. The Mindjet 5Plus License Program enables you to purchase various Mindjet license products and facilitates their administration. Simply add up the total number of licenses you require.