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Founded in 1993, Mindjet is the world's leading provider of visual software for brainstorming and planning. Mindjet products enable users to develop, structure and communicate ideas, information and concepts simply and intuitively. 


Mindjet - the New Product Suite

With 7 locations worldwide, Mindjet has a growing network of resellers and partners in Europe, the USA, Asia/Pacific and Japan.
- the worldwide leader of productivity software for collaborative work management, was founded in 1993 – helping to maximize the power of visualisation of information and team collaboration.
than two million individuals, thousands of small businesses and 83% of Fortune 100 companies use Mindjet to generate ideas, organise information, store and share data and manage workflow.
Mindjet can be used on Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® desktops, the web, mobile devices (iPad®, iPhone® and Android®) and on-premise (when used with our on-premise server for SharePoint®).  Advanced mapping features include guided brainstorms, Gantt charts, 2x2 analytics, in-map calculations, as well as import and export functions for Microsoft Office®, Apple® apps and Microsoft Project®.


Contact us:
Tel. +41 844 44 55 44