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Suse & Microsoft

SUSE and Microsoft are committed to bringing premium support and cost-effective interoperability solutions to your mixed Linux and Windows environments.

Microsoft and Suse, save up to 60% 

Has supporting your RHEL become an expensive proposition? Are you worried about the future of your RHEL 4, 5 and 6 servers? We understand that any change in your IT environment can cause pain and disruption. With Expanded Support from SUSE, we can bring added agility to your infrastructure and enable you to continue using what's working for you now. And our flexible, cost-effective plans can deliver the right level of support no matter what size your company is.
Here are just a few more reasons to switch to Expanded Support from SUSE for your enterprise Linux servers:
One support for all your Linux servers
With Expanded Support from SUSE, you can finally consolidate all your Linux support and simplify your operations. No matter what size your company is, we have the right level of support for you. What's more, this support includes the convenient option to co-terminate all of your support subscriptions.
Lower costs
With Expanded Support from SUSE, you can immediately realize savings of up to 50% on your existing enterprise Linux support costs. Apply those savings to other IT initiatives or to improving your bottom line.
Support for heterogeneous environments
Microsoft and SUSE can make it easier for you to manage your heterogeneous environment, while providing practical virtualization and cloud solutions for your enterprise.
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