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​Microsoft SPLA

The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a licensing program from Microsoft that is specifically tailored for service providers and hosts. SoftwareONE is a SPLA reseller and is authorised to close contracts with SPLA service providers.

As a Microsoft LAR and global partner, we offer earning opportunities for service providers through Microsoft software subscriptions. We will also deal with all administrative tasks regarding Microsoft to minimise your overheads.


More Earnings Through Software from Microsoft


As a service provider and supplier of hosting services you can now lease software from Microsoft on a monthly basis. This makes it possible for you to provide this software to your customers as an ASP/hosting service.


Attractive For You – Attractive For Your Customer.

With Microsoft SPLA you can add a very attractive component to your offerings. For your customers, the leasing of software is an efficient, flexible and, over the long term, cost-effective alternative which makes it possible to always deploy the most current solutions of the market leader. At the same time there is a new field of business opening up for you as a service provider which is easy to handle thanks to SoftwareONE's knowledge and experience. 
What are the benefits of the SPLA program?
  • Flexible licensing models based on customer demand and consumption
  • No joining fee
  • Access to the latest versions with no upgrade fees
  • Pricing stability and predictable costs as changes are typically made only once a year
Make the most of this opportunity to generate software revenues with minimal effort.
Contact SoftwareONE and speak to our specialist for the service provider and hosting business:
T +91 9999984313