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With SAM Elite Service, a tailored implementation of the Software Asset Management (SAM) methodology within your environment, SoftwareONE helps you put a practice in place that is efficient, effective and sustainable. The SAM Elite Program ensures the proper implementation of a tailored and optimized SAM practice – including processes, procedures, guidelines, workflows, roles and responsibilities.


Benefits of SoftwareONE's SAM Elite Service include: 

  • Collect proof of entitlement through the publisher and a local source.
  • Access highly trained licensing experts who know the underlying complexity of licenses and agreement terms.
  • Streamline integration after acquisitions/mergers or reorganizations.
  • Strengthen your company’s position in the publisher negotiation process.
  • Improve strategic infrastructure planning through better knowledge of what is being installed or used, better deployment capabilities, and better assessment of strategic software alternatives.
  • Prevent software over-deployment.
  • Reduce problem-resolution costs through standardization.
  • Reduce the cost of internal licensing support, Standardize on strategic software products

SAM Elite Service Process

SoftwareONE’s SAM Consultant will look into the environment and gather information about the current Software Asset Management practice.  This is the foundation for the process step “Set-up”.  The core components of SAM Evaluation are the SAM Assessment Report and Concept document which outlines the details of the SAM Elite Engagement.

The next step is the proper implementation of the updated and improved processes, procedures, guidelines, workflows, roles and responsibilities for Software Asset Management. It also includes training for the internal resources that will have responsibility for the SAM program going forward.  The set-up process is to get your organization ready for the Fully Managed Service provided by SoftwareONE.

Inventory and Clean-Up
SoftwareONE will scan the environment, gather the license information from the different vendors and your own company, add the information to the SAM solution and create a GAP Analysis/License Statement which shows the current license position.  After the inventory is complete, we will conduct a clean-up, which includes a detailed plan on how to get compliant and resolve some of the licensing issues. This can go from de-installation, additional purchase and, where possible, to contract adjustments.

Once we help you implement the program, you may choose to transition responsibility to your own IT team, or engage SoftwareONE to provide a Fully Managed Service.  With the Fully Managed Service from SoftwareONE, we will assign a person who is responsible for any licensing/software questions, as well as any software procurement. This person will also manage the solution remotely, via a SAM Desk, making sure every single license gets tracked and accounted for. They also will work proactively on reports and any requests from your organization. The primary focus is to discover licensing savings and streamline the Software Asset Management processes.  Additionally, the SAM Desk manager will travel to your facility on a regular basis to make sure everything is in order and, if necessary, make adjustments.
After implementation, SoftwareONE can ensure the continuity of SAM with the Fully Managed Service, and support you in your software and licensing efforts at any time. 

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