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​Software Lifecycle Portal

Global collaboration, procurement, and license agreement management

Global collaboration, procurement, and license agreement management

SoftwareONE’s Software Lifecycle Portal provides real-time, single-point access to all your software license and agreement information, procurement, and reporting. Our intuitive, globally-connected portal enables seamless communication and collaboration between you, your team, and your SoftwareONE team.

Our solid focus on software licensing allows us to provide a completely software-focused tool, available 24x7, as a free, value-added extension of our support and engagement with your organization. A few of the most notable features include:

Anywhere Access
SoftwareONE’s newly redesigned portal, powered by SharePoint 2010 and built on HTML 5, delivers an interactive, modern and touch-enabled user experience. This device- and browser-independent platform is designed to deliver real-time visibility into the licensing and agreement information you need.
User Dashboard
Upon login, users are taken to a simple, intuitive and customizable dashboard. Live tiles present real-time quote and order information and provide direct access to your most important information and actions. In addition, you can utilize a new quick search feature on the dashboard that allows searching through all customer documents, including quotes, orders, and invoices, as well as agreements from a single point. Search criteria supports searching by document or agreement numbers, titles, and customer reference or PO numbers attached to any of these elements.
Communication and Collaboration
The portal is an extension of your current engagements, so no matter where your team members are located, you’ll always know where to find the most current documents and information related to your projects. The user-specific collaboration is traditionally utilized as a repository for content such as project plans, org charts, annual account plans, proposals, meeting minutes, presentations, business reviews, and roles and responsibilities. Additionally, this section allows tasks to be assigned to team members in your organization and your SoftwareONE team. Communicating with your SoftwareONE team is even easier, as the new portal offers full integration for any VOIP-phone software and email client.
Global Support Capabilities
If you have sites and operations in several countries, or even across several continents, SoftwareONE’s portal helps you leverage your size and coverage with centralized control and management. You can also customize your portal site to view essential global purchasing information with multi-language and multi-currency options. For instance, in a single view, you can access pricelists for all countries in which you are eligible to purchase, and then compare your options with local currency pricing. Your SoftwareONE Global Account Team and Software Lifecycle Portal can support you wherever your business may grow next.
Agreement Management
Track your agreements’ start, end, and renewal dates along with contract copies, license keys, training vouchers, SA benefits, and other supporting documentation. Users can toggle between a graphical timeline view of their agreements and a detailed, list view that includes green, yellow, and red “status” symbols, providing a visual checkpoint and ensuring that key dates and activities around specific agreements are never missed. Additionally, alerts can be tailored to a specific person and/or specific timeframe and then exported to Outlook.
Online Purchasing with Customized Product Catalog
The online purchasing process is easy with your customized product catalog, built directly from our globally-connected ERP system. Your catalog removes all products not qualified for purchase under your active licensing agreements and reflects your active price levels and available purchasing currencies, allowing you to make confident procurement decisions. SoftwareONE also offers additional integration services, including OCI Punchout.
Smart Workflow
Implement an efficient approval process by setting limits on purchasing activity for any user, according to specific publishers and/or spending thresholds, that will trigger an approval workflow.
Security and Permission Settings
Utilizing the portal’s granular, hierarchal security and permission settings allow your organization to maintain structured control of user activity while enabling a parent-level view across your entire organization.
Real-Time Software Asset Importing and Reporting
Import and export capabilities allow you to maintain real-time visibility into your software licenses and products from all software publishers, in one place. This feature saves you the time and hassle of accessing multiple publisher sites individually.
Transactional Reporting
Quickly access your company’s transaction history for easy management and investment analysis. Reporting grids are fullycustomizable, allowing you to add, filter, and group information in the way that best suits your requirements. All reports can be delivered as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.
Media Download
The portal’s Download Center enables you to download media kits and electronic software from multiple publishers, and keep them in a central repository that already manages your licensing information.
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