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​CA licensing


CA's Licensing Programs 

Open License Program (OLP)

OLP is a purchasing program that allows you to purchase CA software and services at volume prices. It reduces the costs associated with acquiring, implementing, and maintaining e-Business software, and provides streamlined purchasing and centralized license management.
OLP provides a License Certificate and a License Agreement that allow you to use any legally acquired copy of the specified software as a master copy to make additional copies as designated in the License Agreement.

Program Benefits

Just a few of OLP's benefits include:
  • Simplicity - OLP is a single tier program with a fixed entry point - no complex calculations or levels!
  • Easy Product Registration - OLP purchases are automatically registered with CA.
  • Streamlined Deployment - multiple products can be installed using the same license key, authorizing installation of the exact number of software copies purchased.
  • Volume Discounts for 2 years - OLP's pricing structure offers a new standard discount to all OLP buyers over a two year period.
  • Upgrade Protection - with Upgrade Protection, you receive future releases of CA Software at no additional cost.
Since OLP is a transactional program, there is no legal contract to sign, and no usage reporting is necessary. You need only to initiate and complete a purchase transaction prior to having the rights to install the products.
Under OLP, Upgrade Protection can be purchased for one or two years when you place your initial order or within 90 days of purchase. After the 90 day period, only the two year upgrade protection is available for your purchased solution. The Upgrade Protection period is co-terminus and will expire on the 2nd anniversary of your license agreement. Upgrade Protection is optional and is specific to the licensed product purchased - it must be purchased for the same quantity as the product purchases.

Master License Program (MLP) 

MLP is a high-volume software license program that offers substantial discounts on CA software. Designed for organizations with large computing environments, including government agencies, MLP reduces the cost of evaluating, acquiring, maintaining, upgrading, and managing CA software.
Becoming an MLP member is a simple process. Every product and service offered through MLP has a point value associated with it. You can buy a broad range of CA Solutions without the product pool restrictions often associated with licensing. To buy through MLP, you agree upfront to purchase products and services that equal designated point values as outlined here:

You can mix and match products to accrue the points needed to fulfill your two-year commitment and receive your discount. If you are an eligible Government Institution, you automatically qualify for MLP – without any minimum purchase requirements.

​MLP Requirement ​Purchase (in points)
 Initial Purchase ​2000
  End of Year 1 ​+1500
 End of Year 2 ​+1500
 ​2-Year Total ​=5000